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10 Best Woodworking Magazines 2017

Have you ever walked around at a craft show or woodcarving event and wondered, where do these people get these wonderful ideas? How do they know what tools to use? How do they know the proper techniques to get the job done right? The long and short

10 Best SAT Prep Books 2017

All across the United States, high school students prepare annually for the SATs. These tests, for better or help to determine which colleges will accept them. Needless to say, this puts a ton of pressure on these students to not just pass, but rather to excel. But

10 Best Poker Books 2017

Poker is an exciting game. To the inexperienced, it is a simple card game that predicates around the luck of the draw more than anything else. To the expert, however, it is a nuanced experience full of strategy. It is played for fun or extraordinarily high stakes.

10 Best French Novels 2017

Why do we enjoy French novels so much? Perhaps, it’s because the best French novels are among the true classics – novels that have stood the test of time. The best novels (French or not, classics or not) have certain traits in common, such as, Popularity. Most people

10 Best Holocaust Books 2017

It is often said that those who fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. The Holocaust, one of humanity’s darkest hours should not ever be forgotten, for the world should never grow so callous as to repeat it. Hitler’s Final Solution affected the lives

10 Best Books for 2nd Graders 2017

Books have a tremendous impact on our children’s development; helping them learn, build their vocabulary, nourish their imagination, and spark their curiosity. Finding the best books for 2nd graders is no easy task. As they expand and deepen their knowledge, they need books that can help them

10 Best Inspirational Books 2017

People look for inspiration in different ways. Some of them like turn the volume up on a happy song while others like to plan a movie night and draw inspiration from the success stories of different characters. If you are anything like us, you probably like to

10 Best Books for Middle Schoolers 2017

Do you remember the first time you hid a flashlight under the covers and read after you were supposed to be asleep because you had to find out how the story ends? Books are the catalyst for education, development, and personal growth, especially for middle schoolers who

10 Best Novellas 2017

We don’t have to tell you that reading stimulates your mind, reduces stress, and improves your focus and thinking skills. The problem is that between our work, social, and family lives, we can barely find the time to breathe yet alone indulge in pleasure reading. Fortunately, we

10 Best Steampunk Novels 2017

Steampunk is a unique and fascinating sci-fi subgenre. It can include time travel, alternate histories, romance, magic, or even vampires. As long as the books incorporate some details that suggest technology never developed past the industrial steam-powered machinery, authors can truly let their imagination sparkle. Although this